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SolvedCrash during very large battle [Warhammer 2]

RobyGonRobyGon Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 6
edited February 2019 in Crashes
Build: v1.5.1
9466.1570905 (modded)

Detailed description:

I'm playing a very large siege battle in Eschen between Vampire Counts (me) and Skaven, approximately 3200vs4600 models. I've tried the battle 2 times but at a random point during it, the game will just freeze for 2 seconds and closes itself with no error message. The second time i tried, i lowered the screen resolution to 1024 x 768 (i usually play in 1080p) to lower the burden on the pc but it crashed anyway. I have never experienced a crash in warhammer 2 in roughly 240 hours of playing the game, this is the first time.

My specs:

I5 4590 CPU
MSI h97 Gaming 3 Motherboard
Sapphire Rx 480 4GB Graphic Card

Reproduction Steps:
Load the quicksave, play the battle until it crashes randomly.

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:

As i said, i lowered the screen resolution to see if hardware performance was messing with the game but it didn't work.
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