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New Total War Launcher - feedback thread



  • terrgonterrgon Registered Users Posts: 1
    Hey i have the problem that the launcher isn't recognizing that i have any mods and wont let me play at all, I've tried Manuel fixes but they didn't work and none of the patches have changed anything for me, ive had this problem ever since the DLC release for the P&W ive also tried verifying the game files and uninstalling and re-downloading the game. Does anyone know of a way to fix this?
  • NoriusNorius Registered Users Posts: 1
    Ever since that new update came out for warhammer 2 I haven't been able play any total war game since the launcher doesn't load. I've tried the manual fixes detailed online (verifying the integrity of the files, redownloading all the games and the stuff about deleting the old file in the user drive>appdata>roaming>totalwar and nothing seems to work. The launcher is a good idea on paper but when it fails it locks out players from every game in the franchise (like me). Three kingdoms comes out soon but I won't be able to play it because the buggy launcher won't work and Sega won't respond to my customer support trouble ticket. I'm a huge fan of Total War and I've invested plenty of hours in most of the games since Total War is what got me into PC gaming in the first place however I can't continue because I'm stuck behind a launcher that doesn't work
  • amoxamox Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited May 2019
    So up until yesterday the new launcher worked at least. It was poor quality (very slow start but it started) So now today it stopped working .. well done devs.

    - deleted launcher folder in appdata
    - verified game files with steam
    -> nothing helped.

    General feedback.
    - launcher starts slow. (i7 8700, 32GB Ram, 512GB samsung Pro m2) System should not be the issue on my end. So please give back the old launcher .. that one at least worked!

    Thanks for releasing an unusable launcher that is not even working.

    OK nevermind. I found the old launcher in steam beta channel that one starts within seconds and works like a charm
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  • agenthunkagenthunk Registered Users Posts: 101
    When is Direct X12 going to be implemented for All Rome II and Total War Attila and Empire and Napoleon so my Ryzen 7 1700 and RX580 can benefit on Extreme settings?
  • agenthunkagenthunk Registered Users Posts: 101
    edited May 2019
    When is Direct X12 Support and Vulkan API going to be implemented for All Rome II and Total War Attila so my Ryzen 7 1700 and RX580 can benefit on Extreme settings?
  • agenthunkagenthunk Registered Users Posts: 101
    Direct X 11 is obsolete.
  • espetinhok2espetinhok2 Registered Users Posts: 3
    meu total war three kingdoms & total war saga thrones of britannia esta em portugues, mas o total war attila não esta ???
  • espetinhok2espetinhok2 Registered Users Posts: 3
    my total war three kingdoms & total war saga thrones of britannia is in portuguese, but the total war attila is not ???
  • lordamirlordamir Registered Users Posts: 1
    I have an exceptionally powerful machine but ever since the new launcher update; I cannot play Rome total war 2 or Shogun 2 without sever graphical issues even running on the lowest of graphical settings.

    My computer specs:

    Acer Predator Monitor XB321HK
    2 x Titan X (Pascal) NVidia cards running on SLI (NVidia driver 431.60)
    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight Core Processor
    16 GB RAM
    1 TB Samsung 860 Evo Pro HDD

    The ground on the campaign map will turn multi colored and pixelated - see pic 1
    & pic 2
    - and they flicker like crazy. The battle map has blotches of ground that becomes rectangular and flicker/flash like crazy - see pic 3

    Please help - I really love this game.
  • Dumbledood#5172Dumbledood#5172 Registered Users Posts: 367
    edited September 2019
    The ability to quickly navigate to the steam page for a mod would be nice.

    I'd like a link to the workshop page for the mod from the mod launcher's management screen.

    Right now you have to activate the mod (which shouldn't be necessary), select "More information," and from there a link is given to the steam workshop, which you follow before re-deactivating the mod.

    In terms of feature and UI improvement, it's a small but nice QoL functionality feature.

    A nice side-effect of which is the ability to copy the url of the mod's steam workshop page without actually navigating there.

    Why would one want to do that?

    I sometimes do that in order to have multiple mods saved in tabs on my browser (Steam doesn't have tabs). This way it's possible to save them there before deciding which to use in a run (finding incompatibilities, checking update statuses or just selecting various thematically-linked mods while browsing the workshop before using them in tandem).

    It's fairly insignificant, but like I said a QoL feature.

    This all being said, I haven't been using the manager since it pretty much launched since it wouldn't work with some part of my mod list unfortunately. Been on Kaedrin's for all this time. But if and when it is working again, I'd rather use the pretty CA one.
  • steam_163917864083hMYzu2Zsteam_163917864083hMYzu2Z Registered Users Posts: 2
    Where can I get it?

    Perhaps this is a stupid question, but I can't find directions to get it anywhere, is it obvious?
  • BUNY7BUNY7 Registered Users Posts: 9
    which launcher open finally rome 2 total war?
    i press to play and nothing happens , any idea??
  • BUNY7BUNY7 Registered Users Posts: 9
    Nothing happens when I click play in the launcher...

    Trying to launch Rome 2, Launcher loads, after click "play", launcher quits..... no response
  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USARegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 23,687
    I recommend opening a ticket with Sega Support:

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  • Merino97Merino97 Registered Users Posts: 1
    Hi all guys.

    I have problem with the new launcher. i follow all the steps to download or update new launcher (delete “Drive”:\Users\”USER”\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\ and delete the “Launcher” folder if it is present) and verify files missing, but nothing change, still the old launcher.
    I attached the photo about old launcher.

    Why isn`t updating? Where can i see the reference about update? By the way, if anyone question, i have put updates always in properties settings rome2 (for example)

    Thanks for your attention, and if anyone could help me, i would be very grateful
  • BillyRuffian#6250BillyRuffian#6250 Moderator UKRegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 40,845
    For Rome II there may also be a launcher folder in ~Steam\steamapps\common\Rome II, it might be worth checking and deleting if found then verifying files again. It may also be an idea to clear your Steam download cache and repair your Steam Library folder.

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  • PhillyToozPhillyTooz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 8
    Any chance for launchers with mod manager for Empire and Shotgun II? Love both of these games but cannot enjoy the mods due to their being on Steam.
  • SeabrookSeabrook Registered Users Posts: 4
    I just want the choice of starting Warhammer 2 and other CA games without game requiring me to launch the launcher.

    If I click on "Warhammer2.exe" game should just start without going to the launcher. This might save thousands of players the trouble and hassle.

    I never had any trouble or crashes till earlier this year with another company's launcher. Turns out the launcher was bugged and it kept crashing for everyone, thousands of players were unable to start any of the games. I was able to click the *.exe file and start the game.
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