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Tech Tree Feedback + Suggestions: Post Steel & Statecraft Update

kokankokan Junior MemberPosts: 50Registered Users
I have been enjoying my recent time with ToB and I have found the following points regarding some techs that I feel need to be revised:

Military Tech:
Unit tech that increases +1 food per unit should be revised.
Same for the Recruitment branch.

Its a shot in the foot increasing global food costs by +10 per unit. Are these techs even ever researched?

- apply to the specific type of unit instead of global

The Military Prestige is far more profitable and the increase of food in global seems fair: +1 food global for a global replenishment rate.

Civic Tech:
Military Support: the Conquerors and Warlords Power seem to arrive way to late to even bother researching. Pros and cons of these techs seem just not worth it.

Trade Summits: seem also not important and there seems to be no reason to ever research them. It arrives too late for the bonus diplomatic relations to even matter.

QOL suggestion:
I like planning my advances, but its sometimes a difficult task to foresee the impact and benefits of my decisions because the effects of each building are hard to see.

It would be a very nice addition to have a filter that shows which effects from buildings are being applied to the each province as well as those that are coming from the provinces around it.
Also, clearer delimitations of the provinces would be very welcome when we are planning expansions based on resources.

Maybe even a way to plan buildings in this view to see the predicted income and happiness with different configurations and again, how they affect the provinces around.

This last part I think it would just be amazing to have in any TW title to help out planning and overall strategy.

Unrelated suggestion (or is it? ;) )

If a Medieval 3 or same era game is ever made (where kingdoms are already established and other nobles play an important role), I think a new cool mechanic to have would be having a choice of role play.
I mean, if we started as kings we could distribute land (much like estates) to other nobles. These were then responsible for the development of these lands (entire regions). In turn they would pay taxes and part of whatever they produced.
we should be able to raise or lower food and money tax for each noble, to prevent them from getting too much power.

These nobles should also be tasked with defending their lands with their own troops, and in case of war the king would ask for their participation in the war effort with each noble providing men for the war.

As king our job would be to balance the relationships with the nobles, keep them happy and with other factions.
As a noble we could either be a good noble, and be rewarded for our loyalty and military prowess with more status and lands or plot with other nobles to overthrow the king.

I am clearly thinking of a similar system to that showed for 3K with the relations between characters evolving during the game, we would also need the new espionage system :).
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