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The problem with unit quotes...

Federykx99Federykx99 Registered Users Posts: 562
First thread on the site so forgive me for any ignorance about this forum's meta (lol), or if somebody has recently brought up the problem already.

So is it just me or do cross game armies not have unique quotes both in battles and in the diplomacy sections? In that for example Teclis treats the Empire as if it was a generic faction when in reality they should be much closer?

What I'm hoping for is that together with the future reworks CA adds unique quotes for every faction against each other. Just note that:

-I know the many factions make for a very high number of possible combinations and therefore it might not be feasible for a company like CA (they are not Rockstar Games, after all)

-I too would rather CA concentrated itself on the actual reworks, before thinking about unique quotes. It might be good to add them though in order to improve immersion and the overall feel of the world.

What are your thoughts about this?


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