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Game launcher doesnt launch the game

X1WOWX1WOW Registered Users Posts: 9
Well, yesterday i was playing the game perfectly, i unsubscribed from one mod i never use from the workshop, it took ages for the game to do so tho.
Then, when i started the game, the launcher said that there was one corrupt file, and all the other mods will be deactivated.

I could only play the base game, and i dont want that, so i unsubscribed from all the other mods and reinstalled the game, and i was able to play the vanilla game, then i decided to subscribe to one mod, steam says that is downloading it perfectly, then i started the game launcher, clicked in the mod manager, and it appeared that loading mods symbol spinning in a circle etternaly.

I decided to reinstall the game in a D\ external hard drive, to see if there could work. I tried, and nothing, couldnt play the game, either vanilla or with mods.

Then, i reinstalled the game again on C\, i could play the vanilla, but not with mods.

I watched some tutorials to see what to do, most people suggested to delete the file ¨appdata roaming the creative assembly rome 2¨, i did, and now i cant play the game, vanilla or modded, either in C\ or in D\. When i click the botton play, the botton gets grey, like you pressed the botton, but the game doesnt launch, and i am only able to see the launcher and desktop.

Please help, i just learnt how to do mods :(


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