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Laucher bug ?

MarvynMarvyn Registered Users Posts: 2
edited March 2019 in Crashes
Hello (i'm french so don't judge my english ) I got a problem with the new laucher , when i start a total war game , the game than i chosse dosen't lauch but the other games yes . for the exemple if i start rome 2 , rome not lauch if i play the button play but the others yes but if i chose the other games ,its in vanilla and i don't have access to the mod . and finally when i go to the picture to activate or not mod he doesn't work .

So that's my problem , thanks for the respond
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  • FilbyFilby Registered Users Posts: 17
    I have the same problem :(
  • alexdracualexdracu Registered Users Posts: 3
    i have the same problem and there doesn't seem to be any solution out there. i tried everything i could find on the internet on this and nothing worked.

    CA please help
  • resuproberesuprobe Registered Users Posts: 2
    i have the same issue (i am french too) since the new launcher start, thats annoying because i can't use mods, please fix this, Thanks
  • BordigaBordiga Registered Users Posts: 316
    I also had the same problem, but i managed to solve it.

    I will give you a quick time series of what happened to me.

    1-Yesterday evening my brother (we share the same steam account) tried to continue his campaign but sadly he wasnt able to load his campaign. Every time he tried it, it failed, despite having the exact same mods he was using when he saved that campaign.

    2-Then 2 or 3 hours later about 00:00 or so, of the present day (9 march) I decided to play a bunch of mp games.

    So i desintslled the mods and launch the game without any problem. I play exactly 3 games and then I left the game and stop playing.

    3- Two hours later a friend ask me to play a bunch games cause we have to practice our craft for the the upcoming mp 2 vs 2 tourney. But the problem was that the game does not launch and basically it was the eaxct same thing several people here are describing. I click the button to play, but the game does not launch. and when I try to look at the mods a circle appears like it was loading, but never stops so basically you can not see the mods because is like the mods screen can not be load.

    This morning I try to fix it following the steps of the sega support page. I try a couple of the suggestions but everything stayed the same. I came here and I realized several people have the same problem and that they have followed the advices of the sega support page without success.

    So i stopped doing those things.

    Then I saw the comment of this guy in this same section of the forum


    I looked at the folder he was talking about.

    appdata /roaming/the creative assembly/launcher.

    And believe it or not inside the folder there was a file called: 20190104-moddata.dat, that it was created just when i started playing the game after my brother had the problem (please see the time series from the beginning)

    Immediately I thought that was related with my issue, so I deleted it and since them the game get launched without any problem.

    this is what solved the problem to me.

    Of course do not know if that can work in other cases. So please if you do the same thing and nothing happen Im not legally responsible of your disgrace :)

    And any case I have the file in question cause I made a copy just before deleting it. So if the support or the people of CA in charge of this issues are interested in it I can post it here.

    So just let me know .
    All opinions my own.

    Medieval II is still the best Total War.
  • resuproberesuprobe Registered Users Posts: 2
    For me its working, i can open the game now and i just unistall all the mod then install them and it is working
    Thank you for your comment Vistahm :)
  • MarvynMarvyn Registered Users Posts: 2
    resuprobe said:

    For me its working, i can open the game now and i just unistall all the mod then install them and it is working
    Thank you for your comment Vistahm :)

    It's work tanks a lot , you do my day

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