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Any way to fix the AI infantry atack? Rome2

HunterHCHunterHC Registered Users Posts: 1
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I know the AI is dumb, but it just annoys me that after passing a few minutes making mi formation the AI just randomly charges its infantry against me in a messy way instead of holding a front line, it makes no sense and the battle is absurdly easy because its a lot easier to attack the flank or back of the enemy even when i´m outnumbered because of the giant gaps they leave.

Ex: I played a personalised battle against Macedon with the Seleucid Empire with difficulty in hard, i had the defensive rol and my army composition was made in order to perform an anvil and hammer strategy, a lot of shock and melee cavalry with a camel unit to low the enemy´s cavalry moral, the right flank stronger than the left one, my general on the stronger flank (a heavy elephant unit), in the middle i had pikemen whit hoplites in both sides and catapults behind to attack while the enemy was coming (the budget was set on max)

When the AI was close enough, it moved it´s cavalry in order to flank me, i sent my cavalry to kill their and when the units started fighting the AI sent half of its infantry to help it´s cavalry, so i just walked and attack behind them quite easily with some pikemen and one hoplites unit and fought with the rest of my pikemen against the other half of the infantry which i outflanked quite easily (because they had no cohesion between units so i could use some gaps they left).

This always happen to me in campaigns, and it would be harder, more epic and with more sense if the AI kept a formation in battle, so, any mod or option out there to change this???

BTW: Sorry for my English, it´s not my main language as you may see ;).
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