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Reworking Alberic



  • RikRiorik#9890RikRiorik#9890 Registered Users Posts: 12,406
    Canuovea said:

    Canuovea said:

    I'm not sure about him getting shipbuilding. He is still a Bretonnian Lord with lands to deal with and having the same mechanics on him as on VP LLs would be odd to me. I think the same about Wulfrik actually, he has a special ship but it isn't like those ships. Lokhir on the other hand, well, that would make more sense.

    I do want Alberic to have some kind of relationship with the Pirates. Certainly Saltspite and him could have some kind of rivalry.

    Lokhir would also be a good rival for Alberic. Bretonnia is known to suffer Dark Elf raids more than it does attacks by Sartosans. At least the lore talks about them more.
    Oooh. A good point! He is across the world though, and Saltspite is just down south a tad.
    I am actually amazed that the Tomb Kings’ raiding fleets weren’t made a thing. I just got reminded of it now but that was actually something I thought one would experience when playing Bretonnia once the TKs were launched.
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  • SubjectEighteenSubjectEighteen Registered Users Posts: 600
    Honestly I hope they don't change Alberic at all, unless they add a ship building mechanic to him.

    I'm currently running a Bordeleaux campaign with the shipbuilding mod that also gives him his trident and I would say it is hands down one of the most fun games I've ever had. There are so many vampires to crush early game with him that he turns into the protector of all Bretonnia early on. He makes tons of money from trade, like almost High Elf levels of money and he has some incredible traits.

    His buffs to KOTR, +5 leadership, +15 Bonus vs large and +10 melee defence turn them into absolute wrecking balls.
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