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Vanilla diplomacy

FerretofLokiFerretofLoki Registered Users Posts: 1
So I'm new to these forums as a member but I've perused them alot since MTW 1. But I'm not new to MTW2. I'm a very vanilla gamer, I just usually play this on the basic 'out of the box' settings. But I've put hundreds and hundreds of hours into this game. And so like, my basic question, even though its probably been discussed at length here and been corrected in soo many mods etc., is this; is there even any point to diplomacy in this game after opening up trade in the first couple dozen turns?

Has anyone -ever- seen the computer accept becoming a vassal?

Does bribery of even rebels -ever- work? I mean I've seen it work, but only in like crazy, outlandish, kingdom bankrupting ways. Like 20,000 florins for a handful of spearmen and a settlement. Maybe. I think. I can't even remember anymore.

What are the basic mathematical nuances I'm missing, I guess is my question. Because I usually play pretty aggressively. But even when I try to play peacefully or defensively the -entire map- just seems dead set on suiciding itself against me. Can I even enjoy the vanilla game anymore?

I dunno. It just seems kinda... unreal.. that they would implement game mechanics with almost no purpose whatsoever. My diplomats establish trade and then they go on vacation in the middle east. That's -almost- all I've ever found them good for. That and pumping the pope full of coin.
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