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Black Ark Balance

justian17justian17 Posts: 9Registered Users
Hello, All! I've been playing a DE campaign with a powerful black ark (large garrison, good units) among my many armies. I've been using it to scour the seas and attack islands for major financial rewards. However, whenever I attack one of the "vampire pirate" islands, the map is (correctly) that of the black ark. However, my enemy (the vampire pirates, with their many cannons) start at the top of the black ark hill, getting a significant defensive advantage from it. This is repeatable and happens every single time; I can't help but think this is a bug (in such cases, the DE force should start at the top as they own the black ark). At the very least, let's fight on the actual island map so that neither side gets an advantage. As things stand, having a black ark force in this case is actually less effective than having a regular army fleet.


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