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Liberating a faction as Eastern Roman empire

BalianoBaliano Posts: 2Registered Users
Hello everyone Im playing a campaign with eastern roman empire . 25 turn. I tried two times to liberate one faction but when I conquest the settlement where the previous faction was located I am not given the option to liberate them and restore the previous ruler. Specifically Im trying to liberate Lazica, which is your starting vassal in the caucasia region. They have been conquered by Arran, the local Sassanid empire vassal, I conquest Kotais but again I cant liberate my poor ex vassal.
Moreover, I tried to liberate Dhumata, which is the starting area of the Ghassanids. They have been conquested earlier by the SE. Again, I conquest their original city but I cant liberate them.

Is impossible to liberate for ERE? Some factions cant be liberated? Will they just respawn in the area after I will ( very probably ) nuclearize and desolate it?

Cheers fellow imperials


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