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How would you update a Workshop mod that was not yours?

ASimpleBuddyASimpleBuddy Registered Users Posts: 3
As the title says. The mods that I use have not been updated for a while. How would I go about updating them?

The mods do not have to do with custom units or lords, just the other stuff.

They have to do with easy diplomacy, more income, public order buff, 1-turn recruitment/building, and army stat increase.

No, I do not intend to take credit for the mods. I'm just tired of waiting for them to be updated.


  • BaaltorBaaltor Registered Users Posts: 68
    You mean in terms of engineering, or ethics?
  • ricmornricmorn Registered Users Posts: 243
    I mean. You can open them up in Pack File Manager and fiddle with them yourself. It should be noted though that if you're publishing mods clearly built off of someone else's work you should contact them first for permission, and credit them as necessary.
  • ASimpleBuddyASimpleBuddy Registered Users Posts: 3
    Baaltor said:

    You mean in terms of engineering, or ethics?


    I'm having trouble trying to get the workshop mods onto PFM. Still new to it.
  • ricmornricmorn Registered Users Posts: 243
    Used to be a bit simpler as the files were dumped straight into the game folder, but it was also a bit messy. Steam now downloads Workshop mods to the //...Steam/steamapps/workshop/content folder. In the content folder you'll find a massive jumble of numbers that stand in for all the games you use workshop content for.

    You can either trial and error to find WH:2's number (I don't know if it's constant for all players. 59570 for me) or just use a search function to try and find the specific mod you're looking for. In WH:2's number folder you'll find even more masses of numbers pertaining to the mods you've downloaded, as these are the steam workshop numbers. Deal with it the same way as finding WH:2's number, search or blanket trial and error. When you find the .pack file for the mod you want to tinker with just go to PFM and open up the .pack file by following the filepath you found.

    Again though. If you are planning to update and put it on the workshop try to contact the original owner first. It's their work that's been built upon. If it's personal use just don't upload it.
  • Iron_CrownIron_Crown Registered Users Posts: 1,574
    As far as I'm aware, everything in a mod is in the single pack file. So you always have everything the original modder had, except for his knowledge and documentation.

    As for any ethics, if someone abandoned their work, imho everyone else is free to pick it up, if they give credit. An outdated mod (meaning actually does not work anymore - many mods that show as outdated work just fine) is useless to the community, like it didn't exist. Afaik modders have no legal ownership of any mods created for the game, and if they don't want to keep their mod functional then someone else can and should do it in their stead.

  • ASimpleBuddyASimpleBuddy Registered Users Posts: 3
    Do I have to figure out what changed between the mod tables and the game tables? What would I be looking for exactly?
  • Iron_CrownIron_Crown Registered Users Posts: 1,574
    Open the pack file in RPFM and look what's in there. Any half-way proper mod will only contain entries that were changed from the vanilla game, so everything that is in the mod was changed. The hard part is understanding why it was changed and what exactly it does.

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