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Hannibal at the gates - disabled mines (syracuse, carthage)

KSebbo91KSebbo91 Posts: 2Registered Users
Hey there,

after a long time i wanted to play a new hannibal at the gates campaign.
When i was conquering my first industry territory i started to realise that industry buildings (mines) in villages are disabled - in cities they are still available.
So i checked the techtree of syracuse and mines (for villages) where completly banned out of it.

That made me a little bit confused so i downloaded the english language pack insteed of my german one - just in case its a translation bug.

But i missed them there too...

at the end i installed the hole game on another system to make nearly sure its a gameverion bug.

would be awesome if u could check this for me on ur system.
Gameversion: Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition 2.4.0 no mods at all

screenshots are in german language pack but as i said, in english version also - just check buildings pls.



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