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What Faction Would You Play First in Warhammer 3 Poll



  • Itharus#3127Itharus#3127 Registered Users Posts: 16,564
    Surge_2 said:

    Itharus said:

    Surge_2 said:

    lol may want to dial back the 'let me educate you' snark. For all their domain, they are not a significant player in the lore, or the table top, we know that much.

    I'm all for including them, but they are not on par with 'main' factions, in terms of relevance.

    They're plenty relevant. They're also one of the major players specifically in the dark lands. Cathay is plenty relevant as well (although not in the dark lands). The eastern HALF of the world got quite a bit more detailed in the various rpgs and what not than the table top.

    My guess is that Asian-y miniatures were probably deemed not to sell well enough to a game that mostly caters to teenage white boys for most of the game's existence. Times have changed though, the fandom is more diverse, and a fair amount of Asian thematic elements have become more popular. CA certainly realizes this. So I hold out to hope that they can convince GW to allow them to bring the faction to life.
    Nope. Its not relevant at all to what the VAST, and by vast I mean 99% of the gaming world, considers 'relevant' to the Warhammer setting.

    Empire, Chaos, factions whose time has come and gone (Tolkien Elves/Dwarves/Ents) the 3 flavours of Elves, the Undead in all their Euro-centric view.

    I'm all about getting the Hobgoblins in, but dont let your own bias colour the setting.

    The East, is not it.
    Define gaming world. Do you mean in the world of gamers? Or the game setting? Cuz they *are* important in the game setting. The eastern half of the world has their own whole thing going on. They didn't manage as many spectacular world altering events as the main fare, but that's probably only because they never had army books! That has more to do with GW sales than it does with the lore of the setting. Even Araby is important.

    You hit the nail on the head with the "eurocentric" comment determining what factions got all the love. But that does not mean the rest of the world is not important.

    You mention Tolkien. The southrons and some other types of elves were important too, despite not being mentioned too much in trilogy. Just because the view is focused on a certain point does not mean everything outside of the focus is unimportant; it just means that it's not the main focus of the story being told at the time.
  • Surge_2#1464Surge_2#1464 Registered Users Posts: 12,228
    Those who actually played the game.

    You cannot, literally, make the argument that the East, and those factions that depend on the East for relevance, are important to the game, the actual miniatures, table top game, history, of Warhammer.

    Thats point 1.

    As you say, they never had army books. And yes, thats on GW for failing to do a lot of things correctly, especially in the last...decade of Warhammers life.

    As to the lore, and the setting itself? That Eurocentric view is exactly what I'm talking about in terms of 'relevant'. Bret's are more important than the East.

    The 'main focus' is what defines relevance.

    Now, all that said! I still want the Hobgoblin hordes to get a faction/list! I love Wolf Riders. I love the old Regiment of Renown, I think I even had that box as a kid. Its simply not right however to say relative to the 'main' factions, that the East has relevance.

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