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What’s the chance of an empire vs GS dlc?



  • Ares354Ares354 Registered Users Posts: 4,292
    Wood Elves have mechanics that make them play uniquely, though they need tweaking.

    Because it hurts player...such a good mechanic.

    Mechanics aren't all about helping the factions that have them, they're about providing a different experience, though having some depth helps. Loyalty essentially only harmed factions, but now there are some bonuses for it too. Influence for the High Elves lets them recruit powerful lords... but without it you have to recruit weaker lords. Even Norsca has mechanics that limit them, like restricted settlement.

    Its not about that. Dwarf Book dont give you bonuses if you are willing to remove old grudges, like take some very old and lost Dwarf hold, or kill of GS and so on. That book only force player to remove some silly grudges.

    Bretonnia mechanics need some tweaking too, but overall they've got some good things. The Green Knight can be helpful. Their economy requires unique handling, but it can be productive. They get walls at the third level in minor settlements regardless of if they have a garrison or not. Peasant economy is interesting and makes for some interesting choices. Hopefully they'll get something a bit better too.

    Green Knight is meaningless, you use him 3 or 4 times in campaign. Peasant economy is good idea, but you have vows and vrituses that arent really made in deep, as they should.
  • CanuoveaCanuovea Registered Users, Moderators Posts: 15,480
    The Vows, as they are for Bretonnia, are dull. They're a waste of skill points.
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