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SolvedTW WH2 first many crashes at battle loading, now won't launch game

Mutti82Mutti82 Registered Users Posts: 3
edited March 2019 in Crashes
WH2 with all DLCs and no mods. Game worked fine for a year. Suddenly few days ago started to CTD at manual battle loading. Done allready: Have disabled all DLCs, reinstalled game, reinstalled Windows, updated drivers, cleared Warhammer 2 %appdata% folders, tried betas, tried every guide I have found from forums.

I MIGHT have narrowed it down to Mortal Empires campaign, as for some reason no matter what DLCs I have enabled or disabled, when playing ME campaign that crash occurs always. First manual battle goes fine, sometimes also second one but the moment I try to fight first settlement battle, CTD without any warnings. Playing Vortex campaign, not a single crash after 30 turns.

Just moment ago I decided to try reinstall just Steam. Now the game won't even launch. Starts Total War launcher but when clicking play, after few secs launcher closes and goes back to desktop. What the hell has happened???

Build Number 1.5.0

UPDATE 1: Tried once more to reinstall game, after reinstalled Steam. Started Dwarves campaign in Mortal Empires. And nope. Two manual battles in wild and one in city without walls, they worked fine. First battle in walled encampment, crash at loading screen. FFS!!!
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