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Horrible unit detail (shiny white unit LODs)

DarSkirataDarSkirata Registered Users Posts: 1
Hey everybody,

new to the forum, in need of help and advice for a technical issue. Unit LODs. Specifically, unit LODs in the campaign, in my case the FotS campaign, playing as Saga, even though that shouldn't matter much. When I encounter enemy units on the battlefield, they usually look like this close up, very nice detail and all:

as I scroll out a bit, their colors start fading out:

when I go to the usual camera height, all of them turn into little monochrome toy soldiers, shiny, glossy, bright white:

This was taken on a winter scenario. In summer they stand out even more and it looks absolutely abysmal. I have also noticed a similar issue with my own units. Being clan Saga, my color is a dark orange. Zooming in, units like the US Marinces have their nice blue coats, when I zoom out though, all of my army gets a dark orange tint.

I am running the game on 1440p, DX11, All settings ultra, everything checked except vsync and blood effects. My GPU is a brand new GTX 1070, latest driver installed.

Is there a fix for this? A setting, a mod, a config file I can manually adjust?


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