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Warhammer 3 lords/heroes overview: Ice Witch and Ice Maiden

Bies#4376Bies#4376 Registered Users Posts: 6,007

"They have an ice witch? Run!"
- Poren Porsson, Sarl of the Troll Country

"**** Gyulk tells Dahzyn they good for land. They protect Ancient Widow and sacred places. This goos, Dahzyn thinks. But Dahzyn not like them. They are cold and dont care for Dahzyn, They send Dahzyns krug to death"
- Dahzyn the Sharp, Ungol Horse Archer

"The ice witches are not a matter of preference or opinion. They are a matter of duty and respect"
- Androvo Elenasyn, Gospodar Boyar

"I shivered at the sight of her - her beauty far beyond that of mortal man. But her soul glowed with an inner darkness that chilled my very core."


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