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CAs odd obsession

ma7moud_al_sharifma7moud_al_sharif Registered Users Posts: 303
edited March 2019 in General Discussion
edit: i was just editing tags and hitting enter which caused the entry to b submitted prematurely.

one should not call imbalances based simply from second hand impressions drawn from a video footage/stream but i think today's stream makes it clear that flammable trebuchet ammunition might need some tuning.
its all much wow effect and all but in terms of gameplay if these things get released at launch as they r it mbe will get just a little silly. every time when i see wheels going to town with that over the top artillery i feel like an unsuspecting sheep thats getting wooed by some crazy nefarious welshman (with those totally over the top artillery playtoys).

p.s. entry got submitted in draft mode and id like to revoke it. besides of some commentary concerning the silly artillery the thread will not serve any purpose. if anyone is so kind to delet my entry id be much oblieged.


  • Warlord_Lu_BuWarlord_Lu_Bu Registered Users Posts: 2,313
    Your entry submited prematurely?

    you can get that fixed you know... plenty of water, exercise and non-GMO food.

    I hope they empower artillery tbh... my favorite part of shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai, was those Armstrong Guns... that when they shot, felt like you dropped a nuke on Japan!
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