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Tomb Kings Campaign Victory Conditions are broken.

MarkerMarker Registered Users Posts: 1,859
I am playing as Khalida now and she has an affinity with Tomb King Factions (It is a unique faction trait ) and can make Alliances with them. Since u can not confederate, u can at least have an Alliance. ( with Arkhan as an exception and the Vampire factions in this Tomb King Case ) So it seems like it was all good having a lot of Diplomacy options and all and a clear Objective.
Then I looked at the other Objectives:
- Capture the Black Pyramid of Nagash ( this can't be held by an Alliance which is normally the case, but ok one settlement, I can work around that.
- But the real problem lays in the Objective where I have to construct ALLOT of Pyramid buildings while having another Objective in holding these settlements through 'Ownership or Alliances' the second being a common thing.
So now I have a lot of Allies and own all the settlements through ownership or Alliances but now have to destroy all my Allies i worked hard for to then sit and wait a lot of turns to have the Growth and Gold to finally build all the Pyramids which is really a disappointment and does not make any sense.

- Here u play a faction and use its unique traits and possibilities to then have Two Objectives that are impossible and don't work together along with your unique Faction Trait becoming useless because of your Campaign Objectives and having a much longer unnecessary Campaign.
The Solution: Replace the create Pyramids with other Challenges like destroying certain races or Capturing more settlements through Ownership or Alliances, or Chain of quests/quest Battles.


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