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Question about Rome Total War II

volboundvolbound Posts: 4Registered Users
I got Rome Total War II and I am loving it. The Empire Divided and Augustus scenarios are great. The base campaign has been a little weak, however.

One item that I would like to see improved for the base campaign is Greece. Where is the Achaean and Aetolian leagues? There isn't enough cities in Greece to do it justice. I feel like Thermon and the Aetolian League plus Patras and the Achaean league should have been present. Also perhaps Corinth and/or Thebes.

Is there a mod out there that adds some of these cities without changing the rest of the map? I honestly think the other areas of the map are great, including the East. Some of the new Rome Total War I scenarios for Greece were brutal because they added too much cities and messed with the units too much for my taste.

A few other minor items that bugged me a little with the main campaign as well:

1. Most civs not having the ability to make archer units which limits the strategy
2. Seleucids not owning Seleucia (lower Iraq) directly.
3. Rome owning Magna Greece but not the Estrucans (I think the opposite happened in history)

However Greece is my main concern as Athens and Sparta (and to some degree Macedon and Epirus) are kind of unplayable without these other city states to conquer and fight with.


  • volboundvolbound Posts: 4Registered Users
    No one responded to this? Is there not a more Greek Centric mode out there that expands Greece. The other regions of the world have it right but Greece was not well done to meet the historical situation of the area for that time. Rome Total War 1 had the right city count and arrangement for Greece, they just didn't have the factions down due to limited number of factions.
  • BenjinBenjin Junior Member Posts: 249Registered Users
    edited April 7
    Only thing I can suggest is maybe playing the DLC campaign "Wrath of Sparta" to satisfy your thirst for Greek action. Other than that, there is no mod for that sort of thing (since it's not possible, at least at present). There aren't any official plans to expand Greece with new settlements in the Grand Campaign - the map is already huge as it covers the whole of Europe + North Africa + parts of Asia and there's no room to fit them without expanding the rest of the map, which would be an even bigger task.
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    Currently working on a whole lot more, stay tuned.
  • volboundvolbound Posts: 4Registered Users

    Understand but it is kind of frustrating that they added all these barb factions that I never heard of but left off most of Greece which was the singular power before Rome:

    1. No Aetolian League
    2. No Achaean League
    3. No Corinth
    4. No Delphi
    5. No Thebes

    The Greece in Rome Total War 1 was larger.
  • BebopanonymousBebopanonymous Posts: 24Registered Users
    hmmm interesting idea. First off though as someone said earlier they have a wrath of Sparta DLC that goes in depth into the greek states during its better years for its specific campaign.
    As for the general campaign it takes place in a certain time period, during which Greece had already fallen from predominance, for example at this time Thebes had long been razed to the ground by Macedon and in fact it is long after Alexander died. If you load the game you can see that the Macedonian empire has already fractured into multiple successor kingdoms including Ptolemaic Egypt, the Seleucid empire etc.
    I don't know hardly anything about the Achaean and Aetolian leagues but if I had to guess this time period is also far after their predominance. Honestly I am surprised Sparta is even a real power in the grand campaign but it's fair since it's impossible for them to establish trade with anyone besides Athens. Plus Sparta is just popular.
    The Seleucids were nowhere near as powerful as Parthia at this point in time, the Parthian empire and its bitch states were very stronk and the Seleucid were Hellenistic so didn't get along well with the west. Makes sense imo

    Now the archer thing is a little weird, but I think you can still hire mercenary or auxiliary archers for most factions even if they didn't use archers hardly at all. There are also probably mods that address that at the very least.

    As for balancing if you are only trying to rule from Greece especially with allies it will probably be hard and I don't have much advice for that. However Greece has some of the wealthiest provinces in the game, great wonders and it is probably the best positioned for trade in the entire world as well as being very restricted in movement from mountains makes it easy to defend. That being said you will see yourself fall behind other big empires like Suebi, Parthia, Rome, etc. if you never move out of greece.
    Being a Hellenistic culture means you can establish alliances with many empires right away including some of the most powerful such as Egypt, Seleucid, Macedon, Rhodes, etc and your even not at bad odds at making relations with Rome. However if you wan't to keep up with the bigger empires you will probably want to move into Thrace and Illyria by land, invade Asia minor by sea or by the land bridge in Thrace, and frankly Italy is pretty easy to harass even normally but especially easy since Rome is stretched very thin and the AI doesn't handle oceans very well on the strategic map. In my opinion don't bother much with crossing the rein, Rome pretty much got that right in reality and it also holds true in the game. It is way more trouble than it's worth unless you just need farming settlements.
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