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Single Player Campaign bug: can't move, end turn, save game.

FringlesMastersonFringlesMasterson Registered Users Posts: 3
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Currently experiencing a very frustrating issue which apparently has been previously noted by multiple users before: playing on the Grand Campaign as Avelorn, once I end turn on turn 71, I am unable to move my lords or end my turn once turn 72 starts. I have tried multiple quick fixes, including breaking my alliance with The Empire, confederating with another HE empire, and even repeatedly mashing my "Enter" key.

While I am playing with SFO Grimhammer II and another mod that eliminates the additional per army upkeep, I am posting here because I have noted that other users have experienced the exact same problem while playing on a clean save.https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/175080/cant-end-turn-or-move-units

I have tried nigh on everything to fix this bug, including backtracking to turn 70 to try and change the course of events and prevent it, but nothing seems to work. I would just like to finish this campaign. I don't often get to play video games, and I really. am enjoying this one run. I would really, really like to finish it.

If anyone's got a quick fix, I would really appreciate it.

Anyway, here is the save in question:
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