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Rome 2 Total War Meme Video (Praise The Lord)

HischHisch Registered Users Posts: 6
Quite recently, one of my friends noticed something odd and sent me the soundtrack "Midsummer Again" from the successful mod Roma Surrectum II, released back in 2010 for Rome Total War. The interesting part is that the soundtrack uses the exact same sample/flute loop that can be found in ASAP Rocky's banger "Praise The Lord" featuring Skepta.

Speculations started to arise and at first I genuinely believed that ASAP and Skepta played the Total War franchise (that's how they found the sample). However, some people claim that the flute sound can be found in a sample pack for the software Garage Band and that's originally where ASAP got it from.

After listening to the song I started paying attention to the lyrics and the "hidden" references for the Roman Empire and Total War.

"I take what's mine then take some more" - could be a reference to the expansion of the Roman Empire.

The word "game plan" is mentioned by ASAP, something that could hint to Total War (strategy based game obviously).

"Expand, conquer" - do I even need to comment this one.

But the most notably reference is from Skeptas verse: "I came, I saw" which is exactly what Julius Caesar said in one of his most memorable phrases: "Veni, vidi, vici" (which translates to: I came, I saw, I conquered).

And thus, an idea was born. I wanted to create an epic mash up with both songs including vivid footage from Rome 2 Total War.

What if both ASAP Rocky and Skepta plays Total War? Lol.

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