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Minor suggestions/improvements for Brettonia's upcoming rework.

Odysseus95Odysseus95 Posts: 54Registered Users
Dear CA,

You likely have heard it before, but could you please fix/adjust the following for Bretonnia:

1. Give Loeun magic damage while he is on foot or on horseback/pegasusback. The Sword of Couronne is literally burning with magical fervour. (There are other lords who suffer these kinds of inconsistencies, but that is for another time). It should be a nice little feature to give him and make him a bit more attractive in certain niche matchups (against ethereal units & lords for example), rather than just opting for Beaquis all the time because she is the most competitive mount.

2. I'm 99% certain that Alberic will equip his trident in the upcoming rework, but if not, could you please fix that?

Thanks a lot CA. Despite some minor oversights, the trilogy is of astounding quality and I'm enjoying every second of it ^^.

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