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CA woul be nice if....

MinotauroneMinotaurone Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 145
You'll announce next DLC Monday, and the release about the end of the same week.

The reason i ask you this (please) is simple.

On Warhammer II i ended

Vampire Coast campaign with Harlock
The Queen and the Crone DLC eith Alarielle on High Difficult (i'm starting with Har Ganet too on High D.)
I ended with Malekith on normal
I ended campaign with Khemri
And now i 'm just starting the rituals on my Skaven clan Mors campaign (high difficult) oh i hated lizard men armies too much.

So i think that i'll end my Skaven's rituals for Monday afternoon (i'll update this however) so would be nice at the end of the week to buy another DLC and play a new factions. Please take note of this.

Oh and just others 2 things

My favorite race is Beastmen, please add they in Warhammer III and would be nice something in Vortex too, i mean some multi-racea horde that spawn random, like Greenskins and beastmen or beastmen and Skaven.

Thanks so much (i own all Warhammer I DLC and all Warhammer II DLC) and now i'm giving my money to other companies like Ubisoft for example.

Make DLCS.
Make Warhammer III. (With nice Ogre factions)
Take my money



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