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Game crashes to desktop.

HeretikalHeretikal Registered Users Posts: 1
Hello everyone.

I was playing Mortal Empires last night as the Empire, and I got up to turn 100, which isn't very far into the campaign. This is the second notable time this has happened, and so far I am making a lot of progress in terms of taking out those who stand in my way in the game, yet when I end my turn, and the whole cycle passes where every other faction has their turns, and it is my turn again, my screen fades to black and after about 30 seconds, my game closes down and my desktop pops up. It is getting extremely irritating. I have verified the integrity of my files on Steam, but I am not sure what else I can do.


  • AzethothAzethoth Registered Users Posts: 2
    I started playing a year or two ago. I occasionally had graphics corruption on a 2-4 year old AMD GPU. Eventually that crashes. Then over a few updates and a few months it became worse and then unplayable.

    So I waited until I got a RTX 2080ti.

    In DX11 mode it crashes other applications, crashes the system, blue screens with memory errors.

    In DX12 beta it is more stable. It usually crashes to desktop. Sometimes it hangs the computer. Sometimes it hangs itself and you can swap to desktop and quit. Sometimes not.

    You have to play with incremental saves on. It crashes as often as the same turn you just restarted. You can spend as much as 5 - 30% of the time dealing with crashes and the slow ass reboot followed by the slow assed enemy turn you now have to redo because that is what is after the auto save.

    This is specific to this game. As an example I can run Starcraft 2, let the computer go to sleep, it wakes up and keeps playing, I can repeat that cycle for weeks and months, limited only by when Blizzard puts out an update.

    I like this game, but it really needs some work on stability. Just load up a maxed out computer with the latest GPU and drivers and a 4k monitor and run an automated campaign. Then fix your crashes. Please.
  • demitriademitria Registered Users Posts: 5
    Make sure you have a good ventilated chassi that can make a big diffrence! im just saying that sometimes it can be the things you least expect. Big demanding Games creates heat in your computer chassi and even if you think ohh thats no prob i have this many cooling fans in my system but just maybe your cooling solution is one part of the problem??

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