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Sound Stuttering

VladdyTheGentVladdyTheGent Registered Users Posts: 1
So I've been having this issue and have been looking around for a solution but to no avail.

Shogun 2 is for some reason stuttering like no tomorrow in the main menu, the campaign map, and practically everywhere.
music, voices and so on all stutter and i'm at wits end due to the fact that it's bloody annoying as all hell.

The intro cinematic doesn't have stuttering but as states above the game itself stutters.


  • PianoBenchPianoBench Registered Users Posts: 5
    Tell us more. Does this stutter coincide with a video stutter? Does this occur in any other games? Do you hear any noises coming from the PC itself?

    What are your system specifications. Be specific. Where is the game saved? What hard drive? Mechanical or SSD?
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