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About exclusive faction permission units

nguyenkimbachtungnguyenkimbachtung Registered Users Posts: 11
edited April 2019 in Community Mods
Hi guys
I'm creating a mod about unique unit for each factions .I'm using units_to_exclusive_faction_permissions_table to do it . Everything working fine until i'm making unit for Tyrion factions , i put wh2_main_hef_high_elves in faction column but the custom unit didn't show up on the building . When i change the factions like Chrace ( wh2_main_hef_chrace ) , Saphery (wh2_main_hef_saphery ) ,.... It worked perfect . I'm not using any mod and i'm very newbie at modding .

So how can i create an unit for only Tyrion factions , or what was the "real" codename of his factions ?

Sorry for my bad english :'(

Edit : I found that it is Eataine ( wh2_main_hef_eataine ) :D
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