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What's your opinion on the Ancient Salamander?



  • chrissher7chrissher7 Registered Users Posts: 2,038
    Is this version of it more accurate to tabletop than the pack is my main question.
  • Ol_Nessie#9894Ol_Nessie#9894 Registered Users Posts: 4,310
    Not a fan pretty much because it's a non-armybook unit that we got while we missed out on the Razordon and Oracle/Trog. If they really wanted to get as much use out of the rig as possible, they could have given us the Razordon, but instead they went with a rather uninspired invention. I am disappoint.
  • AngmirAngmir Registered Users Posts: 1,253
    edited April 2019
    next time we will get Ancient Giant Dwarf Slayer that is 12 feet tall for Dwarfs,
    Ancient Grail Knight for Bretonnia
    Ancient Giant Miniature Space Hamster for Skaven ...

    I love how each new DLC makes new factions more diverse nad intresting ...
    But I also hate the power creep every new DLC brings...
  • PoorManatee6197#6481PoorManatee6197#6481 Registered Users Posts: 3,001
    Not gonna lie, i would have prefered razordons or troglodon, but as others have said probably the options were or include the ancient salamander or not include anything, so i'm good with it.
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  • SakuraHeinzSakuraHeinz Registered Users Posts: 3,232
    Well, the salamanders will definetly help against the undead hordes.
  • Xenos777Xenos777 Registered Users Posts: 8,038
    It's difficult to say if the model is different or not from that of the regular salamander. If it's exactly the same, well, it's a joke. I could have made it in literally 15 minutes with PFM. If the model has some bell and whistles, it's acceptable.
  • DEM0N_LLAMA#6201DEM0N_LLAMA#6201 Registered Users Posts: 628
    Honestly the Ancient Salamander is the only thing in the whole DLC I don't like.

    Not only would the Razordons be a better option but even without it I still would not want the Ancient Salamander. It's not for any one reason but more so for several.

    One I am not against made up units however I don't really want CA to add new made up units if they really don't add anything.
    Two, the Lizardmen already have a lot of big dino's and are getting two other ones in the LL pack that are from the TT/lore that did we really need a 3rd one? This kinda ties into the first point.
    Finally Three, I find it makes the actual Salamanders less special. It's just the same thing but bigger.........that is kinda boring.

    Having said though, I still love everything else from DLC, so I am still 87% happy.
  • Federykx99Federykx99 Registered Users Posts: 562
    I like him. Razordons are a forgettable unit, and it's a shame for the troglodon and skink Oracle, but ultimately I don't mind.
  • Canuovea#6291Canuovea#6291 Registered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 15,976
    Seems nice. Seems like it was an opportune addition that simply didn't cost much, and so wouldn't have taken any spots from other not included units.
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  • Bogdanov89#9316Bogdanov89#9316 Registered Users Posts: 1,283
    I dont know its combat stats but overall it seems nice.

    I miss the razordon, troglodon and dire saurian but salamanders are cool.
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  • Beast_of_Guanyin#8747Beast_of_Guanyin#8747 Registered Users Posts: 44,849

    I highly doubt it's a choice between Ancient Salamander and Razordons. The Ancient Salamander looks lke a remodeled Salamander. A Razordon would require a new model and new animations, so would probably be much more expensive. It was likely a choice between Ancient Salamander, nothing, or something else cheap.

    That said I'll need to see what it does, but in principle I'm okay with it.

    Agreed, despite what some people say it is not as simple as re-skinning the salamanders to make razordons. The attack animations would be completely different.
    Reskin means just changing the texture, so no way that can be done. Looking at the models Razordons are significantly different so may even require new or altered skeletons, then as you say the animations would be different.
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  • SaurianDruid#4682SaurianDruid#4682 Registered Users Posts: 1,750
    I don't mind it, though I dearly hope CA didn't add it in thinking they could fill the Troglodon niche with a cheap re-size. That would not be acceptable penny pinching in my eyes.

    I do like the mechanical implications though. I don't know if people have noticed, but Lizardmen have a lot of fire damage now. They already had fire bolas and solar engines. Now they have the Engine of the Gods and salamanders. A unit that makes the target more vulnerable to fire damage could ramp the damage output of multiple units at once.

    At the very least I see it as an auto pick against Durthu.

    It may change my Chotec army from a simple theme to a viable strategy, which I like.
  • Itharus#3127Itharus#3127 Registered Users Posts: 16,836
    Are the vampirates vulnerable to fire? I know Tomb Kings are. IMO all undead should be.
  • Draxynnic#3149Draxynnic#3149 Registered Users Posts: 11,664
    Itharus said:

    Are the vampirates vulnerable to fire? I know Tomb Kings are. IMO all undead should be.

    I think it's just the mummies, because mummification agents are quite flammable in the real world.
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