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The Razordon IS in the game guys!

ValkaarValkaar Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 2,097
See! Look! It’s on Tehenhauin’s arm ;)

He probably had to kill the last one in Lustria cuz it was sleeping on that plaque ;)

Note the similarity in the dark brown skin tone and boney-spike like appearance^^

Every other Lizardmen unit either has lighter/more colorful scales. Or their armor is in segmented plates, rather than boney spikes in terms of overall texture.

And if you’re thinking: any Razordon armor section would be too big to fit on a Skink’s arm.....keep in mind that Tehenhauin is VERY swole for a skink....or maybe he just killed a baby one.

Either way, that is DEFINITELY a Razordon gauntlet that Tehenhauin is sporting;)


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