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Campaign Multiplayer Addition (add more players)

gullvengullven Registered Users Posts: 45
I would love to see support for a larger number of players in campaign games , 4+ for both co-op and head to head. I have a small group that loves the game but they do not wish to play any form of player vs player. So allowing at least a 4 person co-op game would allow us all to experience the same joy and fun at the same time. I mean even if it was an expansion or dlc, i would pay for it for all my friends just so we could play together.

I know some people or going to pipe in bought how the turns would take for ever, but thats not a negative to me. So what if we only get 5-10 turns a session? We are having fun playing together (not at the same time as we are now). I would hope in the future releases of all total war games that you at CA would look at adding more CO-OP and Head to Head player slots.

Thank your for your time.


  • Nick BNick B Registered Users Posts: 3
    I would love to see some new map-based multiplayer options as a free addition for all 3 games alongside the release of Warhammer III. Mainly, the ability to play/create smaller multiplayer campaigns or scenarious with 2-4 players or play Mortal Empires with 2-4 players.

    Create a proc gen map creation tool that allows us to select size, continent style, town density, total number of players (AI + human) and let us go to town. Maybe even some map creation tools that lets us create and upload our own maps to play on.

    Maybe some story scenarios that lets us play mini campaigns using predesignated races with 2-4 AI or human controlled players. Lets us learn some Warhammer lore while at the same time provides a quick multiplayer experience.

    Maybe some objective-based maps and scenarios for 2-4 players. Lots of options, just tired of the giant 2 player only mortal empire campaigns that never get finished because of life/burnout.
  • gullvengullven Registered Users Posts: 45
    @nick b that's some great ideas!
  • AltarielAltariel Registered Users Posts: 149
    me too! with simultaneous turn
  • berzerke53berzerke53 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Having new map-based multiplayer or even procedurally generated maps would indeed be nice, but I don't know if it is realistically possible to do so if the playerbase for multiplayer campaign is not enough.

    I had an idea after playing a bit of Anno 1800 that had another take on multiplayer, where each "faction" could be controlled by multiple players, so that multiple players could manage different islands owned by the same faction inside of the game. That could be a solution if the problem is to expand the number of player-controlled factions, since multiple players would control the same faction.

    That might be implemented in a way where one player is considered the ruling payer of that faction and could create a "vassal", giving him control over a few cities to divide the management of the ever-expanding territory, same goes for armies produced in those cities and gold shared around the vassal-players and the ruling player of said faction.

    I don't know if there are technological limitations, since I did already experience desync problems in 2 player campaigns, but it would definitely be a solution that would avoid having more player controlled-factions, while allowing coop battles with more players inside a campaign (maybe even on both sides, if four players choose to face-off in two-player coop factions).

    Of course, having 3-4 players beeing able to choose different factions and play the campaign as they see fit would be awesome, but that might be unrealistic since we are not aware of the limitations CA is facing on the technical level... and on the dedication level, since depending on how many players openly use these features, they might allocate a different amount of ressources towards developing those features.
  • berzerke53berzerke53 Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited January 28
    Altariel said:

    me too! with simultaneous turn

    And yes, having simultaneous turns would increase the speed at which turns are played. You could argue that some elements can't be executed on other people's turns, just to avoid problems (like for example having recuitment and the action of moving armies around).

    But for coop players, it would definitely make sense to have always simultaneous turns. And if we take the idea I had just above, having multiple-player controlled factions, it would be strange to have them take turns after one another. And having more players managing the same faction will also increase the speed of these turns, since players will individually have less things to manage on their own.
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