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Shouldn't it be Rite of Tepok and not Tzunki?

SkitariioSkitariio Registered Users Posts: 5
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Tepok is the Old One of Air and seeing as Tiktaq'to is 'master of the skies' I feel like having him get a Rite from Tzunki, Old One of water, feels kinda weird.


  • Michael4537Michael4537 Registered Users Posts: 2,377
  • DarthmahelDarthmahel Registered Users Posts: 186
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    One thing I can think of is water is related to their Aquatic Trait (with Skinks). So water boosting movement.
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  • Draxynnic#3149Draxynnic#3149 Registered Users Posts: 11,664
    Despite being connected with air, Tepok is generally more associated with magic than with fast movement, so I'd rather see a Rite of Tepok saved for something magical.

    I am inclined to think that Chotec or Huanchi might have been better fits than Tzunki, though.
  • yst#1879yst#1879 Registered Users Posts: 10,040
    Huancis leopard god isnt it. So thats more of a land stalk/agility thing rather than air’ish
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  • Draxynnic#3149Draxynnic#3149 Registered Users Posts: 11,664
    yst said:

    Huancis leopard god isnt it. So thats more of a land stalk/agility thing rather than air’ish

    Unless the rite only works on flying-only armies, it doesn't matter. Tiktaq'to might be air-focused, but he does have land forces as well.

    Huanchi is the god of hunting, stalking, stealth, and things of that nature. One of the items associated with Huanchi, IIRC, was a banner that gave the unit carrying the banner a burst of speed. A rite that allows armies to move twice as far, letting them perform hit-and-run attacks or just surprising an enemy that thought they were a safe distance away, seems very in-character.

    Chotec, as the god of fire and the sun, is often associated with making the Lizardmen able to move faster due to infusing their cold-blooded metabolisms with extra heat. So it would also be fitting for Chotec for that reason.

    Tepok is the Feathered Serpent, but he's usually more associated with magic and preservation of sacred places. He'd probably be more associated with Tetto'ekko if anybody.
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