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Role of Skink Skirmishers

NielspeterdejongNielspeterdejong Registered Users Posts: 306
So with the new Lizardmen units coming out, where do the Skink Skirmishers fit in?


  • ParaneumanParaneuman Registered Users Posts: 74
    They fill a skirmish role ;)
  • pdc4930#3270pdc4930#3270 Registered Users Posts: 491
    Essentially they are Skirmishers when you don't have enough money for Chemelon Skinks.
  • Rob18446Rob18446 Registered Users Posts: 2,313
    Yeah there's really no overlap between them and the units in the DLC
  • steam_165171714789pPAEKOHsteam_165171714789pPAEKOH Registered Users Posts: 855
    Skirmishers fit even better as they no longer have to serve a dual role they were never meant to fill.

    Up until now many people would use skink skirmishers as a poor-man's Red Crested Skinks when it came to flanking and fast reaction forces. That or dinos, but using single entity units always has its own limitations.

    Cavalry was not useful as it was A) very expensive for this kind of solution and B) not reality with the rampage mechanic

    So skink skirmishers were the only choice to flank around enemy lines and to bolster the size of your line. These are normally the jobs of medium infantry. But LM only had heavy infantry and skirmishers.

    Now the Red Crested Skinks can fill these roles at the price point of medium infantry while skirmishers can be left to focus on actually skirmishing.
  • Itharus#3127Itharus#3127 Registered Users Posts: 16,836
    PdcGunner said:

    Essentially they are Skirmishers when you don't have enough money for Chemelon Skinks.

    This. This is how it has ever been. Usually I found it worth it to rush for Chameleons and skip skirmishers all together, since they are just low-performance versions of Chameleons.

    If the ranged damage on the blow guns were better - then skirmishers would be a more viable option, but the utility gained from all the other improvements on chameleons is just overwhelming. I blame the whole problem on how poison was implemented. Poison isn't supposed to be a debuff... that same idiotic thinking ruined poison in D&D 3rd edition, too. In the TT poison literally makes wounding easy, which in tw terms would best be represented as just more raw damage.
  • BugmansxxxBugmansxxx Registered Users Posts: 425
    Rob18446 said:

    Yeah there's really no overlap between them and the units in the DLC

    I think salamanders and skirmishers have some overlap as ranged flankers.
    Salamanders can´t skirmish as well due to low range and no 360 degree fire but they have fire breath that should be good against blobs and are faster so you can get them in position quicker.

    Salamanders with cheap skirmishers might be decent. Skirmishers can apply poison to slow down enemies and be sacrificed to save more expensive salamanders, and salamanders are stronger in melee so you get a bit more oomph to your flanking force.
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