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Game becomes a jittery/not smooth when having low free memory.

wisedudewisedude Registered Users Posts: 47
edited April 2019 in Performance & Graphics
It's really evident when pressing the ,w,a,s,d keys on campaign map.The movement is not smooth at all.

I tried using Rammap to clear the standby memory but it doesn't fix the problem.Restarting the game doesn't fix it.Restarting the PC fixes it.

PC specs are 1080ti,i9 9900k,16gb ddr4ram, 970 evo SSD.Temps are fine.

A crude video showing the micro hitches when going up and down if you can see it.

It usually happens after some time.Depending how many tabs or games I open close.For example I could play the game and it would be smooth no problem.But if I stopped and did something else and came back later then chances it would have the micro hitches as presented in the video.Restarting is the only solution I found that helps.

Wierdly enough I started the game at some points with 0 free space twice and the game was fine.Later I tried again and it started to micro hitch again.

Memory usage while the problem is active https://imgur.com/a/7c9Zx7l
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