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Awful Ally AI Ruin the game

SpesstacoSpesstaco Registered Users Posts: 9
I dont need ally help, i get that getting an ally that protects you and helps you during fights is too difficult even to this date, thats ok. But the Fact that almost every time i start a new game my ally just has one army following me around that doesnt help but will always take anything that i try to take, or literally wait till the god awful chaos mechanic spawns, magically avoids them at all costs, then destroys my small settlements so that they can take them thus making it impossible for me to get the region bonus is ridiculously awful to a point where i wonder if playtesters were even hired.

Allarielle Mortal empires campaign: I had finally taken out the entirety of the dark evles and northern chaos and was moving slowly back to defend my settlements while expanding east until the no fun chaos mechanic happened and 6 full stacks started attacking all of my small settlements while avoiding any ally army (Despite fighting mine with no chance of beating me). Since i was in the north i had to slowly move my forces back (yeah suitable climate while i take heavy attrition since the rite has a 40 turn cooldown.....well thought out CA) they took everything while i noticed one ally army refused to come and help me...only for next turn for them to settle on a city that chaos had just destroyed thus preventing me from retaking it literally the turn after it was destroyed.

I have too much trade with them to declare war and they are too powerful as any and all enemy ai avoid fighting them (despite the numerous unprotected cities bordering them) at all costs. Early game i tried to expand but no joke the dark elves abandoned all of their northern settlements to keep sending fully stacked armies (Against my early armies) to attack my settlements while Tyrion just wiped them out with no resistance. I witnessed the dark elves make multiple armies next to the ones attacking their major settlements....then ignore tyrion and go on a 6 turn journey just to attack my lands while they lost everything. And just as I catch up to him the poorly thought out chaos mechanic spawns in and only attacks me and only my major settlements while tyrion literally waits around (hes my full ally and we share all enemies) and just takes settlements when they are destroyed. I am now installing mods that turn that poorly done concept off but it sucks that all of those hours i poured into that campaign have gone to waste. Yes i could just continue losing settlements until i finally wipe them out and then continue with tyrion having my cities (and no way to trade cities despite me having minor settlements he needs as well...that should really be a feature), and still try to beat the campaign.....but its long, its annoying, and knowing how chaos will only target me it takes away a lot of my buying power to keep like the 8 stacks i need to defend 2 continents while expanding.

Hell even with the chaos mechanic and the cost, everything would be fine if i didnt need to compete with my ally and race for every city against him knowing that hell never help me in battles and hell always take anything i dont or that i lose. Not only is that bad ally ai, thats almost an enemy that i cant do anything against. He doesnt listen to my war co ordinates so i cant tell him to go away. Can we patch the ally AI so that they either help or **** off?

Forgive some of the grammar issues but this was done late at night after a loooong day of a campaign that was going well (annoying due to tyrion and other mechanics...but well) until the ally ai finally managed to ruin everything.


  • MarkerMarker Registered Users Posts: 1,125
    edited April 2019
    Well, u know the Chaos invasion will trigger with a certain amount of settlements, I also think u need to work on Diplomacy a little better, u can also ask Allies to attack certain Lords, Settlements, Ask them Gold or Join war, If u already are Military Allies and u declare war, usually they auto-join as well.

    And u should protect your small settlements with T3 Settlement and the level two garrison upgrade that will give u walls, this buys u more time and u can win with this garrison versus allot of rebels and weaker stacks or recruit a Lord with some Lothern Sea Guards along with it while u can will give u a good chance vs Late game stacks.

    Some Factions will clash if u don't have them occupied with enemies, so if your allies are running out of enemies, make them join war or declare war versus factions u want out of the way or u risk u need to choose between two Allies.

    Or u can Ambush the stacks that try to avoid u by Ambushing them near small Settlements.
  • SpesstacoSpesstaco Registered Users Posts: 9
    I had all my small settlements with tier 3 walls. Still couldnt beat the endless chaos chosen spawn waves. And tyrion was at war with 7 factions that i was ignoring and still just followed me around with armies waiting to occupy my settlement.

    spawning 6 chaos fully stacked armies that run away from you for turns and turns and just target your weaker settlements is a baaad mechanic. Also there should be a warning in the system to let you know how many settlements left till chaos spawn in the middle of the ocean lol.

    Again though this is about the bad AI programming. I would just start another campaign but everybody and their mother will let tyrion take everything from them while attacking me and refusing to help or defend or attack armies that are 1 turn away from his.

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