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Crash to windows - Mortal Empires - No mods - Vamp Counts turn 149

zadriezadrie Registered Users Posts: 2
v1.5.1 Build

No mods installed

Significant campaign map stuttering when one of my lords is moved, heroes and AI lords unaffected. Campaign map stuttering has not occurred in other campaigns I have played to date.

Game crash 1: occurred near the end of an ambush battle with Helman Ghorst whilst trying to overcast an Invocation of Nehek on most of my army.

Game crash 2: occurred while moving Mannfred von Carstein south near Praag on the campaign map.

Other crashes have occurred but I believe these two are the ones I have crash reports for.

Solutions attempted:

Checking for Windows updates

Reinstalled Nvidia drivers - attempted to return to Nvidia driver 399.24 - when that did not fix the issue I reinstalled the current driver 425.31

Additionally to make sure my computer was not having any performance issues I cleaned my PC to make sure that the in/out, CPU, and PSU fans were not causing thermal issues as my I7-8700k is cooled by a darkrock Pro 4

Checked UEFI OC setting and stress tested my CPU using Aida64 to make sure that I had full system stability and ran other games to make sure that I was not experiencing graphical issues. Witcher 3, Dungeons 3, Yooka-Laylee, MTG Arena, and Starcraft 2 were used to make sure that I was not having performance issues with other games.

Current save file on turn 149 - Saves on turns 144 and 139 included if needed.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • zadriezadrie Registered Users Posts: 2
    I have also tried lowering the graphics settings down to low and the problem persisted. I have tried doing a fresh reinstall of warhammer 2 and I just had a crash while opening up diplomacy with Kroq'Gar. Many of these crashes including this one are not generating a crash report for some reason.

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