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The map I wish CA to do (picture)

NeoYasNeoYas Posts: 605Registered Users
edited April 16 in General Discussion
Hello everyone.

Before Tiktaq'to I wasn't totally satisfied with the ME map but It was okay, there was no problem, but now with the Western Jungles squeezed on the great desert the map has fallen to the 'inacceptable category', It's not only a design issue but a lore issue too. What CA did with Western Jungle can be temporary, or maybe not we don't know. Now to expand the map a bit to the south has become a necessity, not only due to lore reasons but also due to gameplay reasons, that would make the campaigns more interesting since south Lustria and southlands have things to offer, and It would leave room for more LL's, at least Tiktaq'to would be able to return to his true starting position.

This is how roughly I would like ME to be, with a portion of the south added, alongside the gulf of Medes and Western Jungles below it:

If we adjust the Gulf of Medes a little bit the space added can be even smaller.

Do you support this? Do you "sign" this petition?

Another thing I did on the map is to add more space to the ocean between the new and old world, as It is when you traverse the ocean is like if you were visiting your neighbor that lives right next to you, rather than a sailing to a far and uknown world, there isn't that feeling. But for me this is not the priority.

CA if you can't fix the map in the near future I understand it, I just hope you inlude it on you plans (if It's not already included).

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  • steph74steph74 Junior Member Posts: 977Registered Users
    Fully support... At minimum!

    I'd also with they cut Yvresse in 3 parts (northern / southerrn + islands)

    Ideally, I'd like the map extended south even more to allow going from west to east southlands by sea
  • Pr4vdaPr4vda Senior Member Posts: 810Registered Users
    I would prefer a rework of some existing regions, than adding more regions far away.

    Massif Orcal is a good thing for instance, and I would add some GS there.

    The Empire deserves a lot more provinces, and inside it, some new foes (Drakwald forest, but also those WE or Chaos fortress I never remember their names). The Vaults could see some Skaven too, as the mountains. And that's just some examples.
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  • englisharcher89englisharcher89 Senior Member Bath, UKPosts: 3,953Registered Users
    This isn't bad I would move Teclis South in Lustria to his similar position from Vortex and give him Dark Elves and Lizardmen to fight.
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  • NeoYasNeoYas Posts: 605Registered Users
    edited April 15
    Pr4vda said:

    I would prefer a rework of some existing regions, than adding more regions far away.

    Massif Orcal is a good thing for instance, and I would add some GS there.

    The Empire deserves a lot more provinces, and inside it, some new foes (Drakwald forest, but also those WE or Chaos fortress I never remember their names). The Vaults could see some Skaven too, as the mountains. And that's just some examples.

    I'm not excluding other things, CA is already doing modifications to the map on each update/DLC, they can do that as well. But in my opinion what I asked for is also important.

  • Infinite_MawInfinite_Maw Posts: 1,428Registered Users
    This is great, but unfortunetly it seems that it is too late to make this adjustments.

    CA have one final shot of getting the map boundaries correct with WH3.
  • Gilgamesh1Gilgamesh1 Posts: 585Registered Users
    more single province settlements across the world with skaven/greenskins and rework of horde mechanic to have a single settlement like a WE oak in the starting position (fortress/gate for chaos,great herd stone for BM)
  • kevManiackevManiac Posts: 408Registered Users
    I support thee!

    I was quite surprised to see that they didn't just add that part. I sincerely hope that it is something temporarily, for not only does this result is a wrong Southlands map, it also squishes a terrain type into a desert. Every place surrounding it is desert, and a random fata morgana-like rainforest appears.

    It really feels like Tiktaq'to was not meant to be in the ME campaign. For if it was meant to be in it from day one when CA designed the ME map, they would have added (if not in some twisted version) some sort of rainforest area in the Southlands, west of the World Edge Mountains... So hopefully it is a temporarily thing, and with the next Campaign pack or something, they change the map of the Southlands a bit to change it to something in the likes of your map!
  • 39821739175248623982173917524862 Posts: 778Registered Users
    I miss those elf colonies in the Southlands on the Vortex map. Southlands is just too small in comparison to the desert.
    The issue with adding the Turtle islands to the map will highlight the same issue Sudenburg has, is that it's not connected to the main body of water and just sticks out like a sore thumb.
  • MaedrethnirMaedrethnir Senior Member Posts: 5,155Registered Users
    Aso let's add a little isle at the bottom, for Prince Imrik of Caledor.
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  • RikRiorikRikRiorik Posts: 6,273Registered Users
    Oh yes indeed. Makes the two blocky continents of Lustria and the Southlands feel like continents again and also lets the Mortal Empires in on that jungle mysteries market.
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  • LabriaLabria Posts: 457Registered Users
    edited April 15
    I like this map. Southlands looks perfect.
    I wish to have Citadel of Dusk and Fortress of Dawn island in Mortal Empires. High Elves need more colonies. :neutral:
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  • uriakuriak Posts: 3,421Registered Users
    Could be nice, yes.

    About reworking region, it's changes the game to have smaller regions, though, both in terme of settlements numbers and travel distance. Maybe it's logical for dense areas like bretonnia, though, in the meantime I've always found the easter Empire/Kislev to be a rather too large and boring area (yet)
  • NopeacejustwarNopeacejustwar Posts: 835Registered Users
    Yeah this would be ideal. Hope it happens.
  • Cookie35641Cookie35641 Junior Member Posts: 11Registered Users
    I would love this!

    But given the way previous additions to ME didn´t expand map borders either, it seems likely that there are technical reasons preventing the modification of existing campaign maps in this way.

    Maybe with WH3 :crosses fingers:
  • FridolinFridolin Posts: 21Registered Users
    Yes, please! For whatever reasons the ME map has been sliced, I feel it has been cut too far north
  • SteppelordSteppelord Junior Member Posts: 2,171Registered Users
    Ah. This is the first map which is actually feasible, and which doesn't add so much stuff that CA will never do it. I fully support it (though with those new provinces please).
  • VirantoViranto Junior Member Posts: 442Registered Users
    edited April 15
    they don't will do it sadly, but i would have this too, only because of this small bay and a little more jungle in the southlands.

    But also in the north too, because the chaos waste are combined, and you can walk from the old to the new world in "real"
  • John_KimbleJohn_Kimble Posts: 395Registered Users
    edited April 15
    This is literally exactly what i've had in my head since ME got first released, and now even more considering how much stuff they are "desperately" cramming in. I'll never stop hoping. This would really make the map so much better.
    It's not even asking much (i.e. entire continents and whatnot), it's literally like 4-5 new regions.
    Thanks for the pic, i'll have it framed on my wall. I'll keep on dreaming.. :D
  • DarkLordDDarkLordD Posts: 2,323Registered Users
    BIg fat yes from me brother NeoYas !
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  • AngmirAngmir Senior Member Posts: 1,253Registered Users
    To be honest as much as I want to see this map expanded this way south, I might even more want to see this map stretched half-an inch west.

    But not covering more new land but "decompressing" squished Naggaroth, Ulthuan and Ishmus of Lustria.
    I hate how Naggaroth is basicaly single bloody highway north south with a big Chaos Wastlands up North ...

    But that would require redrawing of the existing map sadly - so it is impossible ... DAMN IT.
  • Cortes31Cortes31 Posts: 684Registered Users
    This map is great!

    And if, for some reason, the map has to be a square, I would not mind if same amount gets added to the west.

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  • davedave1124davedave1124 Senior Member Posts: 4,039Registered Users
    Why do you want it extended this way?
  • MartijnvdMMartijnvdM Posts: 47Registered Users
    Although i don't think the current situation is unacceptable, i do like your proposal It looks less clumped up.
  • harngersteinharngerstein Posts: 805Registered Users
    Dude I'd blast a newt if we could get that map. CA MAKE IT SOOOOOOOO
  • harngersteinharngerstein Posts: 805Registered Users
    Plus they could move Lokhir and Chupayupa further down the coast and not have him sharing the SAME GERSH DERN PROVINCE WITH SKROLK
  • KraphomusKraphomus Posts: 54Registered Users
    Just wanted to let you know that this looks amazing. It restores the Southlands into looking decent, and fixes the **** that the southern end of the map is.

    As you said, moving Lothern further from Bretonnia would also be welcome, but it's not a priority.
  • KraphomusKraphomus Posts: 54Registered Users
    Also, you should post this on Reddit to give it visibility. It's legitimately great.
  • DavidtheDukeDavidtheDuke Senior Member Posts: 2,170Registered Users
    Ideally CA could just highly optimize turn times and simply re-add all the lost territoy that was cut for ME... The more the better so LLs have more breathing room.. Getting cramped in some spots IMHO
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  • CarognaCarogna Posts: 291Registered Users
    This is what I'd really like to see as the final map!

    Team Skaven
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  • SteelRoninSteelRonin Junior Member ChilePosts: 634Registered Users
    and making the ocean bigger....that would be awesome.
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