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Grudge counter underflow

cdwolscdwols Posts: 4Registered Users
I removed several grudges in a short period and the counter seems to have underflowed, I'm guessing due to a change in severity not counting somewhere. This has caused me to have 0 grudges but a grudge severity of 4292967295 (see screenshot or attached Quicksave).

Build: v1.5.1 9466.1570905
Reproduction: Load attached autosave, end turn, following turn use the army outside Barak Varr to defeat the rebel Army (autoresolve) and take Dok Karaz (autoresolve also works). Grudges are removed and grudge severity is now underflowed.


  • cdwolscdwols Posts: 4Registered Users
    After a little more investigation: the severity 5 rebellion is not the issue, however when that one is defeated the severity of the other goes up to 4 in the book of grudges, but severity bar still only shows a total severity of 3. This means when I take Dok Karaz back the severity goes 3-4=-1, and underflows to max
  • cdwolscdwols Posts: 4Registered Users
    Waiting a turn before taking Dok Karaz fixes the issue

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