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Clickbait discussion which LL should I pick?

pdc4930#3270pdc4930#3270 Registered Users Posts: 491
For the new DLC I'm wondering what revamped faction I should play.

Instead of just using a random spinner. I thought I'd ask the forum.

Here is what I'm considering

Britonnia (prior play: Bordeleaux for 20 turns pre vampire coast)
Fay enchantress 1st pick

Have barely played 20 turns playing Britonnia and also the Fay's start is pretty different from the other lords

Skaven: (prior play: Clan Pestilens vortex)
Ikit first pick

Played a little bit of Skrye using faction unlocker which didn't have the right enjoyment of it. With actually ikit, it should be nicer. plus the under empire play.

Lizardmen (prior play: Kroc Gar vortex)
tied between Sotek and Mazda as first pick

Prophet of Sotek: Skink army is nice and mechanics seem great for confederating

Lord Mazdamundi: never played his campaign due the shock that suarus are actually very expensive unlike Kroc Gar, but now with better skink options and other units to add flavor.

Suggest something else let me know


  • SteppelordSteppelord Registered Users Posts: 2,315
    Play Ikit Claw. Establish an undercity in every main empire city. Build that military building in each undercity. Take over every main empire city in one turn. Control the Empire.
  • daelin4#9896daelin4#9896 Registered Users Posts: 16,526
    Grombrindal Dwarfs.

    Hey, you said revamped faction and clickbait!

    Corrected action is the most sincere form of apology.
  • Valkaar#2507Valkaar#2507 Registered Users Posts: 6,002
    It seems like Tehenhauin and Ikit have the most new things to experience, so you'll get the most bang for your buck/campaign hour giving those a try.

    Not to say that TTT or Bretonnia or Mazdamundi won't have anything new to offer, cuz they will. But Ikit/Tehenhauin were not only given more mechanics, but arguably 'cooler' ones with being able to summon Sotek and set off nukes!

    As far as specifcally which one? Tehenhauin vs Ikit:....honestly whichever race you like the most. I'm a Lizardmen fan so ofc I'm going to say Tehenhauin. But my bias doesn't have to line up with your preferences.
  • RikRiorik#9890RikRiorik#9890 Registered Users Posts: 12,744
    edited April 2019
    I'm personally going for a Tehenhauin Vortex Campaign. These days I generally prefer the Mortal Empires map but the whole Skaven Wars theme deserves a properly sized Lustria. Ikit is a close second simply because of the new Under Empire mechanic and the Skavenblight starting position. I don't think I'll do him in the Vortex because the start pos is just so off. But if there are new videos I'll do him there too at some point.

    The choice goes to Tehenhuain because he is the only lord who has a malaise to him even though I don't think it'll last long that Saurus debuff. Hopefully his start is somewhat hard.

    I must confess though that a Tiktac'to start is also rather alluring. His double buffing of the fliers is going to make them incredibly powerful even as they are squishy and I do love me some Southlands action. But Tehenhauin first it is.
    Lord of the Undermountain and your friendly neighbourhood giant (Dwarf)
  • Stephince#6150Stephince#6150 Registered Users Posts: 3,411
    Ikit in ME. Build the doomsphere bomb thing simultaneously in every city and kaboom.
  • Canuovea#6291Canuovea#6291 Registered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 15,976
    Fey Enchantress will probably be my first pick. I love her.

    Erm, not romantically, just... she's got a great campaign already. I couldn't get into either Louen or Alberic previously, and now she gets to fight Skaven too! Imagine what it will be like... she starts with Grail Guardians.

    Though uh, remember, the Skaven have nukes. So...
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  • RikRiorik#9890RikRiorik#9890 Registered Users Posts: 12,744
    At least with the Fay Enchantress you get to be the saviour of the Bretonnian nation bearing as you do the brunt of the Skaven, Beastmen and Dreadfleet wrath. So as long as Alberic and Louen handle the Lichemaster and Mousillon Bretonnia is going to be a pretty safe place.
    Lord of the Undermountain and your friendly neighbourhood giant (Dwarf)
  • pdc4930#3270pdc4930#3270 Registered Users Posts: 491
    edited April 2019
    daelin4 said:

    Grombrindal Dwarfs.

    Hey, you said revamped faction and clickbait!

    I actually tried Grombrindal's campaign. I didn't like his starting units. I preferred Thorgrim and Belegar.

    anyway I may try Tehenhauin on Mortal empires since Kroc Gar's Campaign was so easy. I'm tired the eastern regions so no Tic Tac to.

    If I get bored I'll try out the Fay.
  • Helhound#7332Helhound#7332 Registered Users Posts: 5,568
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