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Missing Units In Custom Battles

GoldfishLordGoldfishLord Registered Users Posts: 459
edited April 2019 in General Discussion
Has anybody else noticed that all of the "green" units are missing in custom battles/the laboratory? All of the TK units available via canopic jars are just unavailable. Was this intentional, CA? Why not let us mess around with these units? The Green Knight is available in custom battles, and is arguably less available than the other units in question during a campaign. Please add these to custom battles, along with allowing battles without Lords present!

Edit: Also blessed spawnings for Lizardmen and Ikkit's new units too.
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  • Rolf1989Rolf1989 Registered Users Posts: 545
    When TK came out I remember them saying that they were too strong for MP and only available in campaign. So it's intentional. Don't see why you shouldn't be able to play around with them in custom and laboratory, though.
    Maybe availability in custom and MP is linked?
  • Xalek#8466Xalek#8466 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 353
    I think custom game uses the multiplayer template so its basically the same game mode which is why certain units are locked off
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  • GoldfishLordGoldfishLord Registered Users Posts: 459
    It should be easy enough to make custom battles/the laboratory its own feature, and allow us access to these units.
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