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The Prophet & The Warlock Modding Documentation

CA_OtherTomCA_OtherTom Registered Users, CA Staff, Community Team Posts: 429
edited May 2019 in General Discussion
Hello fellow Modders, please see the attached file for modding documentation for the latest build for Total War: WARHAMMER II!

You will find:
  • scripting.txt: Which contains a list of lua commands for the game.
  • scripting_doc: Which lists the scripted events, script itnerfaces and their functions.
  • WH2_db_changelog: Which details the changes between P&W and the older build (9466.1570905)
  • TExc_LocalisableFields: When added to the raw_data/db of the assembly kit directoryit should make your life easier processing flavour text into pack files.
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  • The_baronThe_baron Registered Users Posts: 650
    Hey any news if CA gonna change the tables so that the Unique Capital factions don't need to use the unlocker to change the skins of cities like Lamiaha and Black Crag ?
  • EnforestEnforest Registered Users Posts: 2,231
    Any chance for every settlement to become "landmarked" and their slots accessiable from data, like the settlements that have landmarks by default, without touching startpos? Would be great.

    Demand more love for Empire, Greenskins and Beastmen! Playable Middenland with Cult of Ulric! Expanded Beastmen roster with Ghorgon and Jabberslythe! Bring back Black Orcs variants and Orc Big Boss heroes!
  • Ingr8Ingr8 Registered Users Posts: 2,154
    Any chance that some random crap that doesn't really effect the game is introduced?
    Dreaming of mighty Lumbria

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