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Clan Fester Faction Leader

ptavangarptavangar Posts: 1,099Registered Users
edited April 17 in Feedback & Suggestions
I know this may be of little import to some... but lore matters to a lot of us hardcore Warhammer fans and I was just wondering if CA could make Clan Fester's leader a bit more appropriate. I'm not saying change him to a grey seer named Rasknitt necessarily since that is the Endtimes (although I would love it if they would). But perhaps CA could at least change it to a Grey Seer or Warlord rather than a Warlock Master? Clan Fester is sworn to Clan Pestilens so it just doesn't make sense to have a Warlock Master as their leader. In fact, I'd argue it doesn't make much sense for any of the clans to have a warlock master as their faction leader unless they are sworn to Skryre in the lore (e.g., Clan Ektrik).

It would also be lorefriendly to have clan fester be either a vassal of clan pestilens or at least allies with them from the start of any campaign. Just like how spittel starts out allied to eshin.
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