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Remove Nonaggression Pact with Beastmen at Start

KarnethKarneth Registered Users Posts: 25
Starting out with nonaggression pacts with beastmen make no sense, both from a lore and a gameplay perspective. At best they ruin your enemies before you even get close preventing you from getting your empire started. You end up having to colonize rather than conquer, and you end up having to wait for the Beastmen to screw themselves over(which never happens when you need it to). Plus, they always just run into your territory and hide there to recruit, spreading a ton of chaos corruption, and since you have a nonaggression pact with them, you can't do anything about it until turn 20 when your lord is still at level 1 and you've either lost all your money and troops to colonizing, or don't have more than 1 settlement.

Ikit Claw's pact should ESPECIALLY be removed. Beastmen always slaughter Estalia preventing him from making a big push outside of Skavenblight, and at very least you should give him the opportunity to do something about it by declaring war before turn 20 when Estalia is 90% chaos-corrupted ruins.


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