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TWeak export problem

daawtzer6714daawtzer6714 Registered Users Posts: 12
Hi !

I am beginner in modding and for my first time I try to create a new faction in Attila Total War (Age of Charlemagne campaign) using the Assembly Kit.

So I followed a tutorial (Magnar) to get the basics and I think I understood how it works. After using TWeak I want now to export my files in binary to BOB so I can try my mod and see if it works or not but everytime I click "export changes to binary" I get an error message : "Couldn't create all processors, check that BOB has been built". I tried to look where the problem is from but I don't get it (as told I just began) and can't find if someone already had the same problem.

Maybe did I skip a step ?
What does it mean by "check that BOB has been built" ?

I've tried to launch BOB and did several bullsh*t to see if it changes something but as you can guess nothing

Thank you in advance for any help
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