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Suggestions for Lizardmen after the update

RoksoRokso Registered Users Posts: 28
After playing the great Ikit Claw campaign I was a little disappointed with the new Lizardmen content.
The new units and lords are really cool, but there appears to be some oversights in their execution.

-Salamander Hunting Pack does not have rank 7 veteran lord skill
-Ripperdactyl missing from Skink Chief lord skill "Beast Tamer" (has cold one riders and terradons)
-No melee damage on Skink Chief lord skill "Skink Leader"
-No tech to improve Ripperdactyl Riders in combat (Only speed and upkeep can be improved)
-No tech to improve Salamander hunting pack or Ancient Salamanders combat abilities(There is speed for Hunting Packs and upkeep for both.)
-Red Crested skinks are labeled "Great Axe" but they have hammers
-"Soul Bound" rank 7 veteran skill for Terradons does not give a missile damage bonus (This is a ranged unit and should never be used in melee.)

It would be great to have some of these problems addressed for the next update.

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