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Making changing capitals work in Warhammer

MetronMetron Registered Users Posts: 9
Ever since the announcement of the ability to change capital in 3K I have been thinking about how this could be integrated into the Warhammer trilogy. I understand what CA’s apprehension might be as they walk a thin line between gameplay and lore and I respect that since this is a game then gameplay should be king.

In this setting there are both pros and cons as many people would agree that it would be lorefull for Belegar to switch his capital to K8P once he reclaims it but it would seem silly for The Empire to move their capital from Altdorf to Skeggi. The way that I think would make capital switching working with the lore is this: Preferred faction capitals.

Each faction would have a preferred faction capital and situating your capital there or elsewhere would grant various buffs or debuffs. Factions that start out in their preferred capitol would gain no buffs but a slight debuff from moving from it.

Example 1: The Empire gets a penalty to public order for moving their capital from Altdorf as the citizens are upset at the seat of the empire being abandoned

Example 2: Cult of Pleasure gains a winds of magic increase for reclaiming Ghrond and making it their capital.

This would grant an incentive for the player to both claim specific territory and protect it which would grant a gameplay objective along with an option for the people who wish to emulate the lore.

If you wish to make it more intricate you could introduce secondary preferred faction capitals, for example if you are playing as the Von Carsteins then Vlad might what to start out moving his capital to Drakenhof but as he wins his war against The Empire then he might want to move to Altdorf to truly become emperor and get a different set of buffs.

I would love your feedback on this idea.

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