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All the missing units for the Empire

JorgeRioFJorgeRioF Registered Users Posts: 75
So I've been searching what missing units the empire has and I've found too many. I don't know which ones should and which shouldn't be, so I'll write all of them expecting to see everything or almost everything to make the empire a really interesting faction and make it a more technological one.
-Empire grand master
-Empire master engineer
-Warrior priest of Ulric
-Empire wizard lord (I don't know the difference with the normal wizards, probably they're generals and not heroes)
-Hochland long rifle
-War dogs
-War chariot
-War altar (I think it's Volkmar's mount)
-Celestial Hurricanum
-Imperial skirmishers (I couldn't find this unit in english so I don't know if this is how they're called. I'll leave the page in spanish where I read about it. https://warhammerfantasy.fandom.com/es/wiki/Hostigadores_Imperiales)
-Repeater handgun
-Repeater pistol
-Carro de salvas (I couldn't find it's name in english so I'll leave it in spanish. It was basically a chariot carrying a helblaster volley cannon, but it was a weird unit so I wouldn't complain if you didn't add this one)
-Halflings (I don't know how many units of these little guys there are)
-Grenade launching blunderbuss
-Mechanical steed
-Pigeon bombs (probably not good unit to add)
-Alchemical bombs? (Or alchemists?)
-Von Hugon's Terror Bell?, Thunder Barrel? (I don't even know what they are supposed to be)
-Warriors of Ulric
-Teutogen guard
-Hermanos lobo de Ulric (I wasn't able to find this unit in english)
-The knightly orders of the empire (obviously not all of them, but there are some that you could add)
Being so many units ypu could make a mechanic in the campaign where you need to conquer a certain province (or it's capital) to get access to certain units. Maybe when you manage to conquer Hochland, for example, then you need to investigate in order to get access to the Hochland long rifles. It would be really cool and you could do something similar with the generals.


  • ptavangarptavangar Registered Users Posts: 1,170
    There are 4 missing army book units.

    Celestial Hurricanum, Knights Panther, Knights of the White Wolf, and Huntsmen. 3 of those would be very simple and easy for them to make. Even the hurricanum uses pretty much an identical magical chariot. Only the top would need to be changed. But unfortunately, they don't have much of an incentive to add them. Poor Empire only has 3 LL's.

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