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Lord Pack and Under Empire (positive feedback)

ptavangarptavangar Posts: 1,099Registered Users
I just want to say that this lord pack is BY FAR the best yet and I hope this level of quantity/quality (in terms of units, mechanics, etc.) will continue going forward. Especially considering that there will only be lord packs going forward for game 2. I noticed that this lord pack was slightly more expensive than past ones and that is absolutely fine. I would pay even more if you guys gave us even more.

But specifically, the underempire mechanic is just amazing. It is so perfect for the skaven and I love the discoverability feature and most of all... I love nuking cities!!!

Thanquol is probably next and I'm sure you guys know that expectations will be high. People will expect cool unique Thanquol type mechanics and an awesome model for boneripper. On that note, I would suggest either having Boneripper be a mount option for Thanquol or... you could handle him like you handled Tiktaq'to. In other words, his baseline model would be him riding Boneripper. Personally, I think the second option is probably better. You can't have him as a summoned unit because it wouldn't be loreful at all and also you can't really have a Skarsnik/Gobbla situation because Boneripper is huge and faster than Gobbla. Thanquol wouldn't be able to keep up! So it has to be either mount option or my personal favorite, that Boneripper simply be apart of Thanquol's model and he is always mounted on him.

Anyhow, look forward to future packs. There are at least 2 or 3 missing army book units for each race, plus some cool forgeworld stuff you could make (but do the army book units first). Look forward to seeing them!

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