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Possible suggestions for the Lizardmen

NielspeterdejongNielspeterdejong Registered Users Posts: 306
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First of all, I simply love all the changes you guys made to the Lizardmen. They feel a lot more complete now.

That said, I was wondering if you would consider a few suggestions to a few of their units? While keeping their costs the same?

Slann Mage Priest
*Could you increase the cooldown of the Rite of Awakening to 15 rounds, bu tin exchange grant all starting Slann the Blood statue of Spite and the Aura of Quetzl? These are two iconic items, and seeing as you recruire a Rite this would seem fair
*Could all Slann start with 2 spells? Including Wind Blast?
*Could you grant a additional boon to the Generic Slann Mage Priest? Given to you randomly and based on the lore of the Generations? https://whfb.lexicanum.com/wiki/Slann_in_the_World-That-Was Here are some suggestions:
-5th Generation: This trait gives the Slann +10 Winds of magic. He starts with 5 bonus levels.
-4th Generation: Increases his own Power recharge rate, while lowering that of the enemy. Gains 3 bonus levels.
-3th Generation: This trait grants the Comet of Cassandora as a bound spell with 2 charges. And 1 bonus level.
-2nd Generation: This trait lowers the cost of all your spells by -2, as well as their cooldowns by 15 seconds.

This is based on the lore of the Slann, how there are 5 generations, and no longer any 1st generation Slann. The higher the generation the more levels he gains, as those Slann have been more active.

*Could you slightly increase the splash radius of the regular Terradons? And greatly increase the splash radius of the Terradon mounts for the Skink heroes? This would make them more impactful, which seems fair as they are highly micro intensive.
*Could you make the ranged attacks of the regular Terradon riders more impactful? By increasing the accuracy of the regular ones, and the splash radius of the Fireleech bolas. Right now they are a hit or a miss, with either dealing decent damage or hardly any damage at all. This would make them more impactful, seeing as they are class canon.

Feral Cold Ones:
Could you grant the Feral Cold Ones a bonus vs Large? And let them start in the campaign from the Skink Foraging Camps? This would let them serve as early game cheap cavalry, but one which can compete with other cav, as currently they underperform a little.

Salamander Hunting pack
Would you consider adding a smaller bonus vs Large on their melee attacks as well? They are a Hunting Pack, so thematic wise it would make more sense.

Bastiladon (solar Engine)
Could you make it so that the Bastiladons with the Solar Engines also grant the TableTop's Aura of Chotec? This could increase both the Melee Attack of nearby Troops, as well as their reload skill (say, +3 MA and +10% reload skill).

How about giving Tiktaq'to a trait (or skill) which increases the Missile Resistance of all his flying units (but only while they are in the air) by +25% ? This could then be purchased in online battles for an additional cost.

Skink Skirmishers
While Skink Skirmishers are in an "okay" spot, I would like to see them get a trait that punishes those who ignore them (as they are easily countered). How about giving them a trait that grants them +2 Armor Piercing missile damage, provided there isn't an enemy within 20m of them?

Geomantic Web
I was also thinking about a way to make the Geomantic Web for the Lizardmen more interesting. How about you gain a Sacred Spawning(s), as if you had won a mission, each time you improve the overal Strength of the Geomantic Web? This can be done by either building High tier Pylons in enough regions,and/ or building enough Slann Star Chambers. This would make upgrading the Geomantic web more engaging and also rewarding.
At higher stages in the game, when you have plenty of High Tier Pylons and/or Star Chambers, you could also be rewarded with those two Army abilities that you gain when you are defending the Vortex in the end game of the "Eye of the Vortex" Campaign. But only for those armies that are being led by a Slann Lord.

t would be nice of the Sacrifice boons could either be permanent, or stronger. While also giving all Legendary Lords access to them (since Kroq'gar was personally helping Tehenhauin sacrifice Skaven by the thousands). Perhaps Tehenhauin could have a much easier time collecting enough Sacrifices to compensate. And it would be nice if the Summoning of Sotek could be made far more impactful (while also not harming friendly units?). This boon would still be temporarily, but could turn the tide in battle.
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