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Will this PC be able to run modern Total War games?

LizardLordLizardLord Posts: 4Registered Users
I mainly want to play Rome 2 and Attila, but I might also play Warhammer 2 in the future. I am looking to upgrade from my current computer, will this PC be able to run the above games moderately well?


Thank you


  • NobleGunnerNobleGunner Posts: 739Registered Users
    Probably wouldn’t be able to run well on high and definitely not on ultra. Not the best gaming pc obviously. It’s price says it all.
  • doinwork34doinwork34 Technical Moderator Colorado, USPosts: 2,893Registered Users, Moderators, Tech Moderators
    You would be able to run Rome on medium/high settings and atilla would be closer to medium. I think Warhammer would also be around medium/low.

    That system may not be bad to get you up and running since you can always upgrade the video card. The CPU should be fine but since you cant overclock it, it will probably bottleneck you if you try to play any of the newer games with a higher end video card(if you were to upgrade.)

    Good to go for Rome II! CPU: i5 3570k @ 4.0ghz GPU: GTX 760 4gb @1215MHz-RAM: 8GB1600 Ballistix TracerPSU: Corsair HX750w
  • LizardLordLizardLord Posts: 4Registered Users
    I put together a list of parts to build my own PC rather than buy a pre-made one. How would this work?


    Thanks again
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